Arrows Left

You have one action: steering left.

Defend the village from the onslaught of goblins.

Original build created during GMTK's 2019 Game Jam, with the theme only one.

Created by Murilo Trigo & klettari


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Download 20 MB
Arrows 21 MB


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The deliberately limited controls makes for a great challenge. Great game!

This was a neat little game! Very easy to understand as well. I was a bit annoyed at how wide the turns were, but that may have been intended for difficulty! All in all good job!

Thank you!

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Interesting indeed and quite original, while adhering to the theme.

My only gripes with it are that the turning speed is so low it's a little too hard to recover from mistakes and the fact that the hitboxes of arrows are minuscule.

Still, with additional development and polishing, something like this could become a very good mobile game (the steering mechanic would be very easy to play with on touch-screens)!

Thank you for your feedback.

The slow turning speed is intentional, but I agree with the arrows hitbox.

I halved the pick-up range of arrows in the last hour of development to try and tune difficulty. It's beatable, but a little bit harder than it probably should've been.

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Quite an interesting game, it took me a minute to get used to the controls and tight turns are not possible but it is certainly very close in adhering to the theme