A downloadable game for Windows

Quickly learn the town's map to deliver pizzas as fast as you can

- Move with WASD or the Arrow Keys

- Space or Enter to Continue

- Bump into the houses to check out their address

- Return to the red tile to get new deliveries

- Your rent is $700.00, due next Monday

- You have five night shifts (midnight to 4 a.m.) to get enough money

- Locations are randomized at the start of each playthrough

Submission for 2018's Game Maker's ToolKit Game Jam: "Genere you can't Mechanic"

The original design was going to focus on not being able to directly fight your enemies and fit into the jam's theme by being "a roguelike where you can't hurt monsters".

As development progressed the theme got simplified to "a roguelike without combat" and the game changed gears so it could be finished before the jam's ending.


rogue-toppings-x86.exe 78 kB
rogue-toppings-x64.exe 96 kB

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